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Online Admission System

Every year, students in thousands queue up for collecting admission / application forms and then again for submitting the admission / application forms. This leads to problems in managing the applications, resulting in annoyed parents and students alike.

Problems with the Current Admission Process :-
  1. Print Forms :
    • Institute incurs expenditure on printing of admission forms, and in absence of any reliable forecasting system on how much application it is going to receive it may overspend by printing excessive application forms or may fall in crisis if there is excess demand of application forms.
    • Once printed, changes to the application form are not only difficult but also incurs additional cost.
  2. Handle Queries & Distribute Forms :
    • Wastage of institute's resources as same information has to be imparted to candidates / guardians individually.
    • Candidates / Guardians have to queue up numerous times i.e. to collect form, to submit form, to view merit list, etc.
  3. Collect Forms :
    • Chances of form misplacement are very high, because of huge number of applications.
    • Wastage of institute's resources due to involvement of people / teachers in form collection.
  4. Sort List Candidates :
    • It is difficult to stop in-eligible candidates from applying.
    • It is a tedious and time consuming process to list out data of each candidate, manually check them against documents submitted, resulting in delay and wastage of valuable resources.
    • Multiple merit lists often leads to duplication of work for the institution, even candidates / guardians have to visit again and again to check the latest merit list.

In addition to the above, the admission process is not transparent, leading to scope for widespread malpractices. In order to rectify these shortcomings, optimize the current admission process and make it more transparent Webtech has come up with an "Online Admission Application System".

Developing the Online Admission Application System was not an easy thing to do as we were facing the following challenges:-

Challenges to Optimize the Admission Process :-
  1. Minimize :
    • Cost of Entire Process.
    • Total Time Required.
    • Human Involvement.
    • Data Redundancy.
    • Paperwork.
  2. Maximize :
    • Availability.
    • Transparency.
    • Accuracy.
    • Reliability.
    • Productivity.
  3. Design a Dynamic Process.
  4. User Interactive / Friendly.
  5. Real Time Report Availability.

The Online Admission Application System is a web based application developed using latest technology.

The Online Admission Application System allows institutes to receive applications through the web and candidates need not collect physical forms. Candidates are required to visit the admission website of the institute. All eligibility criteria, no. of seats, selection criteria etc are mentioned in the website. Candidates are required to fill in the online admission form and submit it online. On successful submission of the application the candidate receives a unique form no. against which he / she is required to make the payment of the application form. For institutes willing to receive the application fees and/or admission fee online we also integrate the online payment gateway. Merit list of eligible candidates are generated through the application and published on the admission website. The Online Admission Application System can also be programmed to electronically notify candidates about the outcome of the admission process.

Since the candidates information is entered by the candidate and that to once, this result in reduced turnaround time for the entire admission process. This saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the institute as well as for the candidates. Moreover, the merit list of admitted students is generated automatically by the application, ruling out any chance of foul play. In this case only the deserving candidates get admission to the institute.

Online Admission Application System has been accepted with widespread praise and as such several institutes have approached us for implementing a similar system for them. Already the top colleges of Kolkata are our clients and Online Admission Application System has received widespread acclaim from academics, students and guardians. We are carrying online admissions for some of the prestigious colleges in Kolkata.

Our journey so far has not been without obstacles but due to our never say die approach and skilled manpower we have been able to handle all situations with ease. The very fact that we have been managing the admissions since 2004 has only helped us to gain expertise and command over this sector. The Online Admission System integrates technology with the administrative/education process and is advantageous for both the institution and the students alike. It acts as a new success factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages.

We as a company facilitate online admission process for Under Graduate Courses, Post Graduate Courses, MBA Courses, B.Ed. Courses, B.P.Ed. Course and M.P.Ed. Course for some of the prestigious colleges in and around Kolkata since 2004, and in the near future we are looking forward to work with colleges across the country and internationally. Over the years we have processed more than 10 lakhs successful online applications. We are alrady in talks with colleges / universities in Delhi and Karnataka, Universities in USA and UK.

Clientele (In Alphabetical Order)

1) Bangabasi Evening College
2) Bethune College
3) Bhairab Ganguly College
4) Bidhan Chandra College
5) Bidhannagar College
6) Chandernagore College
7) City College
8) Goenka College
9) Government Physical Education College for Women, Hooghly
10) Gurudas College
11) Heramba Chandra College
12) Hooghly Womens College
13) Jogamaya Devi College
14) Ladybrabourne College
15) Maulana Azad College
16) Netaji Subhas Open University
17) Post Graduate Government Institute for Physical Education
18) Prabhu Jagatbandhu College
19) Presidency College
20) Presidency University
21) Prafulla Chandra College
22) Sammilani Mahavidyalaya
23) Scottish Church College
24) Serampore College
25) Serampore Girls College
26) Shri Shikshayatan College
27) Surendranath College
28) Surendranath College for Women
29) Surendranath Evening College
30) Victoria College
31) Vidyasagar College for Women
32) Vidyasagar Metropolitan College
(Erstwhile Vidyasagar Evening College)
33) Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College

Advantages of Online Admission Application System :-
  1. 24 x 7 Solution :
    • Minimizes time of processing - due to no time barrier, institutes admission process time is reduced. Institutes can publish their merit list lot earlier than they could have in case the same thing was required to be done manually following the traditional way.
    • Maximizes Availability - allows candidates to fill application form at their convenient time, our statistics from the past trend shows that almost 40% of the application form are received during the non-office hours (i.e. 6:00 P.M. to 08:00 A.M.).
  2. No Geographical Boundary :
    • Institutes don't need take the burden of posting the application form for outstation candidates.
    • Candidates can fill application form from anywhere i.e. convenient place.
  3. No Long Queues :
    • Candidates don't need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered.
    • Candidates don't need to queue up to get application form and submit the same.
    • Man Power Saving - Institutes don't need to assign additional security to manage huge crowd.
  4. Reduces Paper Work :
    • Institutes no longer require printing & storing forms.
    • Institutes no longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them. Institute can take the print of only candidates who are admitted to the college.
    • Both these result in not only cost saving but also man power saving.
  5. Only Eligible Candidate Apply :
    • Minimizes Data Redundancy - checks can be provided so that only eligible candidates can apply. Moreover the candidate data is to be entered only once.
  6. Reduces Human Involvement :
    • Releases institutes man power resources.
    • Institutes no longer require deputing personnel for addressing to candidates / guardian's query.
    • Institutes no longer require deputing personnel to distribute and collect forms.
    • Institutes no longer require deputing personnel to file collected forms.
    • Enhance Productivity - as a result of this institute can utilize these man power resources in other activities.
  7. Accurate and Reliable :
    • In the traditional way human error might creep in due to fatigue and monotonous nature of work involving numbers.
    • Very Accurate and Reliable - The process is very accurate and reliable due to limited human involvement.
  8. Dynamic and User Friendly :
    • The entire process is very dynamic - any changes can be reflected in real time & will immediately reach the candidates.
    • The process is simple & user friendly - similar to filing a form manually, the difference being use of keyboard instead of pen.
  9. Customizable Real Time Reports :
    • Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
    • Have day to day summary of progress of the admission.
    • Great Flexibility - Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design.

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